Fae Logie is a Canadian artist whose practice operates within the registers of the scientific and the poetic, the conceptual and environmental. Embracing elements of sculpture, drawing, photography and video she utilizes the juxtaposition of found and manufactured objects within the context of real and imagined space. Inquiring into how people create a sense of identity though the ecology and history of place, Logie examines alternative means of engagement with our environment – be that wilderness or urban settings, human and non-human. Ensconced in critical observation, her work often employs an element of jest, subverting a purely objective inquiry by questioning the systems and methodologies that dictate our lives.

Interested in making correspondences between local and distant landscapes, she has exhibited across Canada and participated in international artist residencies and shows in Reykjavik, Iceland, King’s Lynn, UK, Whangarai, New Zealand and Trondheim, Norway. Logie is a founding member of the Vancouver-based land art collective, ‘Art Is Land Network’, with a history of collaborative outdoor projects in public spaces including Granville Island, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Park and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Logie moved to Bowen Island five years ago to be part of a co-housing community and work in a more rural setting, yet still be accessible to Vancouver. She grew up in Port Moody and lived in her family home on Burrard Inlet for most of her life. She has a MFA degree from the University of British Columbia, though initially she studied science at Simon Fraser University, a discipline that continues to inform her work.